Plants Vs Zombies, the popular mega-hit that originated on mobile devices looks like it’s about to get another entry. An educated guess is that it will include gardens and some type of warfare, and probably zombies.

With E3 coming up in under 48 hours the anticipation is at an all time high. It’s not unusual for photos of the event being set up to appear on the internet as eager fans try to glean as much as they can before any official announcements. Gamekyo has published a picture taken of PopCap’s promotional material for E3 of what looks to be the next entry of Plants Vs Zombies.  Check out the picture below.


 The game has a lot to live up to so it will be interesting to see the what new ideas they’ll present to the world with this new instalment. E3 takes place on June 11th-13th and if it wasn’t clear already, expect PopCap to make their official announcement sometime then.

Source: Gamekyo Via: Polygon