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EA showcases next-gen Ignite engine, won’t make it to PC

EA Sports showcased its next generation Ignite engine at Microsoft's Xbox One announcement event. The new Ignite engine will power this year's EA Sports titles. Sadly, the new features won't make it to the PC.

EA showcased its next generation Ignite engine at Microsoft's big Xbox One announcement last night. This new engine will bring about a lot of new features and changes that will eventually contribute to making a more 'alive' game. Some of the key new features with Ignite engine are:

  • True Player Motion
  • Human Intelligence
  • Living Worlds

Here's the video preview for their next generation game engine:

The new Ignite engine will come with all its bells and whistles for next generation consoles namely the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. However it seems that EA will be ignoring the PC platform yet again as there is no mention of Ignite engine coming to PCs. DSOGaming reports that EA Sports is indeed abandoning the PC platform with respect to bringing its new engine to the most powerful gaming platform. Instead PC gamers will be treated to an old-generation engine based FIFA 14, which will be overshadowed by its console counterparts, like always. The following tweet confirmed this news:

This is another sad move on EA's part. We really hate the fact that the most powerful gaming platform of all is being denied new features, with all the processing power it holds. What more, the next generation consoles are based on x86 architecture, the same as PCs. We simply can't think of why EA would boycott PCs (perhaps we should boycott them as well). We can only wait (and perhaps guess) to find out what excuse EA Sports issues for the same.

Source: DSOGaming

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