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EA teasing new title called Grass Effect


Electronic Arts has posted a teaser image on social networks for a title that sounds like something straight out of an April Fools joke of some kind. That title is Grass Effect.

EA has taken to social media to tease something that I can’t for the life of me imagine what it could be. The picture they posted shows the title Grass Effect, and it looks some of the plants featured in Plants Vs Zombies are there too. Combine that with Mass Effect and what do you get? I don’t know either.


On Twitter and Facebook where the image was posted, there were also the words “Plants vs. … Reapers?” and the hashtag #EAE3 which suggests that sometime during E3 they’ll reveal some sort of weird Plants vs Zombies and Mass Effect mashup title.

EA’s E3 press conference is set for June 10 at1pm Pacific, 4pm Eastern. Whatever this turns out to be, the more Plants vs Zombies the better so E3 can’t come any faster. They’re also expected to announce a variety of other games for next-generation consoles at their event so it’s looking to be an action packed conference.

Source: EA Via: Polygon

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