fifa 14 xbox reveal

Microsoft’s next-gen Xbox reveal event is set to kick off just a few hours from now, and we are hearing reports from multiple sources that EA will be there to announce three big-name titles with exclusive content for the new Xbox.

@EASPORTSUFC announced yesterday that the first news regarding a UFC title will be coming later today i.e. May 21st. The timing strongly coincides with the Xbox event, so it is likely that the announcements will be made during it. The UFC license was recently transferred to EA after THQ went down.



In a similar manner, the official @Battlefield account has stated that “big announcements are coming soon”. The tweet ends with #BF4, confirming that said announcements are related to Battlefield 4. A lengthy Battlefield 4 gameplay reveal was released online back in March, showcasing the updated Frostbite engine, and new gameplay elements. We are hoping EA will announce Battlefield 4’s release date, and discuss new multiplayer features at the Xbox reveal.

Last but certainly not the least, EA has officially confirmed that they will be showing the next generation of FIFA in the form of FIFA 14 at the Xbox event.

Microsoft’s Xbox reveal event will start at 10AM (Pacific). We will, of course, be discussing all the announcements as they are made, so stay tuned to VR-Zone!

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