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Early adopters of Nintendo 3DS will consist of hardcore gamers

Tecmo Koei’s CEO is predicting that Nintendo’s much anticipated Nintendo 3DS handheld console may break away from the company’s casual player-friendly position by targeting hardcore gamers in its early years instead.

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The market for 3D games has yet to be established, but it seems that Tecmo Koei is banking on the hardcore gamer community to drive sales in this particular segment which the Nintendo 3DS has created for itself.

In an interview with Nikkei, Tecmo Koei’s CEO Kenji Matsubara made it known that he only expected early adopters to appreciate the capabilities of the 3DS, and that hardcore gamers will make up a sizable portation of such adopters.

“I suspect it will be more accepted by core gamers rather than casual players. When you bring something new to the market, the core player group first finds it interesting, and then it expands from there. I believe current DS core gamers who like new things and core gamers who don’t have a DS will be the first to jump in. After that, it will be up to the content,” he said when asked on his views about the psychographics which Nintendo might want to target with the 3DS.

Source; Xbit Labs

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