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Early build of Windows 7 SP 1 leaked to file sharing websites

Some time back, we ran a story about how Microsoft had been busy compiling what seems to be builds of SP1 for Windows 7. Today, we found out that a leaked SP1 build has made its way onto file sharing sites. But more importantly, there seems to be something unusual about this upcoming service pack for Windows 7.

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Service Packs have been a staple of Windows updates for a long time already, and information about pre-release builds of such updates is so abundant that it might not even be considered as ‘news’ to most people anymore.

However, it seems that the recently-leaked build for Windows 7 which is currently making its away around file sharing sites right now has a little something different which sets it apart from the usual service packs that Microsoft had been rolling out for older versions of its operating system.

According to Chris123NT of GeekSmack, who had somehow managed to obtain the leaked build and installed it on his computer, the installation was significantly faster than those for Vista, which might be a sign that Microsoft is starting to move away from huge, major service packs in favour of smaller, more regular ones.

And naturally, with smaller and more frequent service pack updates (which will be somewhat similar to the way Mac OS X’s point updates work), users might be better protected against security exploits and flaws, since the lead time between one service pack and the next will be significantly shortened.

Also, unlike service packs updates, the one for Windows 7 will display a window indicating that SP1 was successfully installed on the machine as shown above, which for some, might be a good as a quick indicator as to whether SP1 installed correctly or not.

And like always, Windows will display a Service Pack indicator after a successful installation.

To date, there’s still no official statement regarding the actual release date for Windows 7 SP1, and considering that it’s a leaked, unofficial build, it’s still too early to speculate on how the actual release will fare on most Windows 7 machines.

Still, from the looks of it, it does at least seem that Microsoft has been working behind the scenes to ensure that service pack installations for Windows 7are no longer the huge, error-prone processes which some people have come to regard them as.

Source: GeekSmack

*all images are courtesy of GeekSmack

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