Humble Origin Bundle

The Humble Bundle is a great way to save on big-name PC games as well as support charity. The promotions offer a pay-what-you-want scheme wherein customers can pay a one-off purchase for a variety of titles, and if they pay more than the current average, they receive bonus games as well.

EA’s Humble Origin Bundle has just broken the record of the top-selling bundle, and has earned the prestige as the top-grossing Humble Bundle of all time. The bundle has overshadowed the previous record-holder, The Humble Indie Bundle V, which took in $5.1 million during its two-week window.

The bundle packs in a number of AAA best-sellers offered by EA including such acclaimed releases as Dead Space 3, Mirror’s Edge, Crysis 2, the original Dead Space, and Burnout Paradise. Gamers can pick up the bonus games–including the illustrious Battlefield 3, C&C: Red Alert 3, Populous and The Sims 3: Starter Pack–by paying more than the current average of $4.89.

To date, the Origin Bundle has raised more than $8.6 million in proceeds divided up between publishers, developers and charities such as Games Aid, The American Red Cross and the American Cancer Society to name a few.

Be sure to head on over to the official Humble Bundle website to pick up your Origin pack today while the sale is still available.

Via Joystiq