ECS has launched two motherboards based on Intel’s latest H67 Express chipset, the Black Deluxe H67H2-M microATX and H67H2-I Mini-ITX, for second-generation Intel ‘Sandy Bridge’ LGA 1155 processors. These motherboards are targeted at those building a compact system for home entertainment purposes.

Elitegroup Computer Systems (ECS) has introduced the Intel H67 Express-based Black Deluxe H67H2-M motherboard. It supports the second-generation Intel ‘Sandy Bridge’ processors and has a couple of ECS special features for 3D home theatre enjoyment.


Impressive Gaming Power

The ECS Black Deluxe H67H2-M motherboard provides excellent gaming performance even with the integrated Intel HD Graphics 2000 / 3000 on the ‘Sandy Bridge’ processors. Compared to the previous-generation platform, performance is improved by up to 200%. Furthermore, enthusaists can overclock the integrated graphics by up to 235%, which will provide another substantial gaming performance boost.

It’s 3D time

Building home theater PC to watch movies is becoming more popular these days. The Black Deluxe H67H2-M supports HDCP and 3D Blu-ray movies without the need for a discrete graphics card, allowing users to enjoy a 3D movie theatre experience right from their couch.

Multi-display output functionality

With ECS 4most Display Design – DVI, HDMI, DisplayPort and VGA outputs, users can connect multiple displays to the Black Deluxe H67H2-M for enlarged working space or higher gaming resolution without the need for a discrete card.

‘Solid features brought to a brilliant product’

A summary of the Black Deluxe H67H2-M motherboard’s features:

  • ECS 4most Display Design providing DVI, HDMI, DisplayPort and VGA
  • Dual USB 3.0 ports for SuperSpeed USB devices
  • Supports 2x SATA 6G, 1x eSATA 3G and 3x SATA 3G connectors, 1x SATA to eSATA cable bundled for utilizing eSATA 6G
  • ECS multi-language UEFI contains 10 languages
  • ECS EZ Charger designed to fast-charge Apple devices such as iPad, iPhone and iPod via USB ports
  • ECS Qooltech III dual heat pipe cooling solution
  • ECS Easy Debug LED showing system temperature
  • ECS Easy Attach SATA port design, Easy Button and Easy Clear
  • ECS Anti-crash USB / video connector covers
  • ESC software kits including eSF / eBLU / eDLU / eJIFFY
  • ECS 15? Gold Contact, all solid capacitors
  • Norton Internet Security 2011 bundled
  • Supports Intel VRD 12.0
  • Dual GigaLAN with teaming
  • 8-channel HD Audio with S/PDIF out