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ECS P965-A Exposed!

Our friends at HKEPC have gotten their hands on a piece of ECS P965-A. It runs on the Intel P965 “BroadWater P” chipset, ICH8R southbridge and the VRM11 layout on the Vcore regulation supports upcoming Conroe CPUs. 16x + 4x PCIe lanes will support ATi Crossfire Dual CPU topology. Lot’s more details translated, just click!

Intel will release the P965 BroadWater P mainstream chipset on the 5th of June.Multiple motherboard makers are working round-the-clock to put P965 motherboards on the shelves on the release day. The G965 (with Integrated Graphics Accelerator) will be released later in Q3 of 2006 as the GPU portion is still undergoing modifications redesign.

The Engineering Sample motherboard you see below is the ECS P965-A,supporting 1066FSB (266X4MHz Quad Pumped) and native DDR800 operation. The new VRM11 guidelines will power Conroe CPUs, bar the Extreme Editions. Even though the P965 natively provides a single x16 PCIe lane, ECS has implemented an extra x4 PCIe lane via the southbridge to support ATi CrossFire dual GPU topology.

ECS P965-A uses the ICH8R southbridge chipset,which will improve upon current ICH7 standards.

There will be 10 USB2.0 ports over the current 8
Support for Dual Hi-Speed Controllers and discrete USB halt Number of SATA-II increased from 4 to 6 (harddisk whores, rejoice :D) with Active Management Technology
It will also sport the revolutionary Gigabit Ethernet MAC network function
Internal fan speed control and a stronger SPI port ICH8 eliminates AC 97 totally
In replacment is High Definition Audio output
There will be no Parallel ATA IDE controller forcing hardware enthusiasts to adopt SATA
4 SATA ports supports Intel Matrix Storage Technology(AHCI and RAID 0/1/5/10)
Supporting IMST on 4 out 6 SATA ports is for making the P965 economic enough for the mainstream

Quoting from the source: 6 PCI-E x1、10 USB 2.0 w/Dual EHCI、SPI Interface、GbE MAC、Advanced Fan Speed Control、USB Port Disable.

ECS P965-A uses the most advanced Audio Codec so far: the Realtek ALC885 chipset which is certified Microsoft Vista Premium. It is the highest end Realtek HD Codec at the moment,DAC SNR and ADC SNR is a whopping 106dB and 101dB respectively,with 192kHz sampling,10 DAC Channels and 3 Sterero ADC Channels as well as 24bit PCM mode is supported. There is 7.1 + 2 channel support. It is also the first to sport Full-Rate Lossless Content Protection Codec,support, capable of handling future Content Protected HD-DVD audio decoding. Playing non content protected HD-DVD content will force the codec to decode in the next highest possible quality.

ECS P965-A engineering sample

Intel P96 LE82BWRP ES NB

Intel ICH8R ES SB NH82801HU

ECS P965-A PCI-E16x + 4x

Realtek ALC885

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