The SIMA A9S Converter Card is something unusual, and truely innovative.
Kudos to the engineers over at ECS who thought of this idea. Not only because of
the fact that this can satisfy even the most fickle-minded buyer, but also this is a
demo of innovation, opening up doors to great ideas which were previously thought
impossible. It is also known that ECS has another SIMA Converter Card, that is able to accept the Intel Pentium M Mobile processor into this hybrid board.


Here are some specs on the ECS SIMA A9S Platform Converter Card:

CPU Support
  • AMD Athlon 64 / Athlon 64 FX CPU
  • High Performance Hyper Transport Interface
  • Supports 2000 / 1600 / 1200 / 800 / 400 Mega Transfers Per
Memory Support
  • Dual Channel DDR Support
  • 2x 184 pin DDR DIMM modules with support up to 2GB
  • SIS 756 Northbridge on Card


The packaging of the SIMA A9S Converter Card.


The Platform Converter Card itself, right out of the box. To those
technically untrained, this looks just like another high end graphics card…


The rear view of the card. Since AMD Processors can not use the same SIS
656 Northbridge, the SIMA A9S has it’s own Northbridge, right under the
heatsink. The SIS 756 chipset is deployed, for the operation of the AMD
processors on the card.


A close up at the CPU / DIMM sockets. Due to the size constrain on the SIMA
A9S card, very limited CPU cooling options can be used, since too large a
cooler would block DIMM slots, and / or, be too big to be slotted into the


A closer look at the Northbridge heatsink on the SIMA A9S card. Though it
serves it’s purpose of dissipating heat, we strongly suggest adding active
cooling solutions, since it gets burning hot even in our open air testing


The Northbridge on the SIMA A9S card, under the Northbridge heatsink. SIS 756
Northbridge, meant for AMD Athlon 64 processors.


Power is a must for this card. A 4pin ATX +12 connector is needed for the
operation of this card.


Due to it’s sheer size, 2 PCI slots are being used by the card. The bracket
pictured here would ensure the that the card would not snap under the weight of the A64



The card, when populated with our AMD Athlon 64 processor, and also 2 sticks
of DDR 400 memory, in dual channel mode.


As mentioned earlier, the SIMA A9S looks like a graphics card.
Pictured here, a compare of size with our Nvidia Geforce 7800 GTX.


Due to space constrains, the card is designed in such a way that the A64
heatsink would be facing upwards. This way, the CPU heatsink would not take up
all other slots meant for expansion cards. Pictured here, the SIMA A9S card
inserted into the board.