Taiwan-based Elan Microelectronics has lodged a complaint to the ITC against Apple, claiming patent infringements for various multitouch-related patents found in the latter’s devices.

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Like that shiny iPad? It might not even leave the storage warehouse, if Elan Microelectronics has its way.

According to a news report on Bloomberg.com, “Elan Microelectronics Corp., a Taiwanese maker of chips and touch-screens, asked a U.S. trade agency to ban the import and sale of some Apple Inc. products, including the forthcoming iPad, because of alleged patent infringement”.

The products in question are the popular iPhone and the iPod Touch, although it seems that the iPad might also be implicated in the complaint, as all of the aforementioned devices make extensive use of multitouch technology.

Prior to this complaint, Elan had made a successful complaint against Synaptics Inc in a 2008 ruling, where the patent was affirmed in a California district court.

Right now, ir remains to be seen whether the U.S International Trade Commision (TIC) will agree to investigate Elan’s claims, but if it does, Bloomberg claims that the ITC could conclude its investigation “in about 15 months”.

Source: Bloomberg