Elpida today announced that it has shipped samples of the
industry’s first 2 Gigabyte DDR2 registered dual in-line memory modules (DIMMs)
geared towards delivering high-density, high-speed performance, as well as
low-power consumption, to the high-end server market. 2 Gigabyte is the highest
density DDR2 module currently available for servers and is unmatched in the
industry in terms performance. The modules also support 1.8V operation, thus
offering a 50% power reduction over DDR at 400 Megabits per second (Mbps)
operation. The new 2 Gigabyte module (PC2-4300) is the latest addition to
Elpida’s comprehensive DDR2 registered DIMM product family that also includes
512 Megabyte and 1 Gigabyte densities.

Elpida’s new DDR2 DIMMs transfer data at a rate of 4.3 Gigabytes per second, and
they are based on 512 Megabit DDR2 SDRAM devices that operate up to 533 Mbps.
The modules contain thirty-six 512 Megabit DDR2 FBGA-packaged devices that have
been stacked and mounted on the DIMMs using Elpida’s unique stacking technology.
The modules are organized as 256M words x 72-bits x 2 ranks, and they support
Error Checking and Correction (ECC) necessary for high-end server applications.
By implementing 0.11-micron process technology with advanced circuit design,
Elpida produces high yields of its DDR2 SDRAM devices, thus allowing stable
production of the 2 Gigabyte DDR2 module. Mass production of the new module is
scheduled for Q2 2004.