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Enermax Revolution87+ 850W PSU Review

Enermax supplies the Revolution87+ inside a very, very serious looking cardboard box. The artwork theme is based on making most of the box looking like brushed gold-ish metal, without fancy designs or even a picture of the unit itself on the top side of the box.

We found the Revolution87+ unit well secured inside the box, held in place by cardboard supports and wrapped inside a nylon bag.

Bundled with the unit, the end user will receive a basic black and white manual, an A/C power cord, four standard mounting screws, a rectangular case sticker, the "Cordguard" cord securing clip, a few high quality cable straps and a product catalogue.

The Revolution87+ is a semi-modular design and seven modular cables, five for Molex/SATA devices and two for PCIe devices, are also included with this unit. Enermax also supplies a nylon pouch for storing the unused cables, which however may be used for any purpose the user sees fit. Enermax used their "trademark" black sleeving with the red and yellow stripes.

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