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Engineer prints functional Liberator hand gun using $25 worth of plastic [VIDEO]

Ever since Defense Distributed made available the blue print for its Liberator plastic hand gun, thousands have nabbed the schematics despite not owning any type of 3D printing equipment.  Even so, it was only a matter of time before DIY enthusiasts with 3D printing equipment followed through with printing out their own hand gun, which is exactly what a Wisconsin engineer did using this $1,725 Lulzbot A0-101 consumer 3D printer.

The engineer, vaguely known as “Joe”, printed his hand gun (the Lulz Liberator) using a mere $25 worth of materials.  Although the Lulz Liberator didn’t cost as much as the actual Liberator, it did prove itself worthy by making it through a test drive late last week.  Joe loaded his version of the Liberator with 0.380 calibers rounds and fired it nine times.

“People think this takes an $8,000 machine and that it blows up on the first shot.  I want to dispel that,” Joe reported to Forbes.  “This does work, and I want that to be known.”

It is not known yet whether or not Joe and his companion intend to release their modified blueprint for the 3D printed hand gun, but what we do know for sure at the moment is that the Liberator hand gun works. 

Source: Forbes

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