The Genius SP-i500 iPhone speaker dock not only plays your favorite songs, but it also charges the phone battery when your phone is docked. It also supports iPod music players and you can download the Musical Alarm app to set up your alarm.

Featuring a stylish black finish, the Genius SP-i500 iPhone speaker dock claims to be perfect for playing music from your iPhone. The dock can charge your iPhone or iPod while it plays your favorite songs from the 1.5-inch high quality audio driver with a total output of 2 watts. It also has a line-in jack to support other device input. On top of that, Genius also includes a Musical Alarm app that you can download to your iPhone for user to setup one's own alarm schedule; the SP-i500 also has a snooze key which you can combine with the apps.

The Genius SP-i500 is sceduled to be available next month at US$49.90.