4PDA5+ is using Phoenix AwardBIOS. Under Advanced Chipset
Features, you can manually tweak the settings for various DRAM timings like TRAS,
TRCD, TRP and CAS Latency to deliver best stability and performance. There is a
Aggressive Memory Mode for reducing latencies within the chipset to enable
PAT-like performance.

The BIOS offer 100 to 350Mhz FSB in 1MHz intervals which is
sufficient for most overclockers.

You can set the Memory to CPU FSB ratio of 1:1, 5:4 and 3:2


The BIOS has the ability to change the multiplier too if your
processor is unlocked and the range is from 8x onwards.

The BIOS allows up to +0.225V for VCore, +0.4V for AGP and
+0.4V for DIMM which is pretty sufficient.

The PC Health Status menu allows you to check out the current
temperature of CPU, System, fan speeds, and the voltages.