IMG 9695 EPoX 8NPA+SLI Review

The 8NPA+SLI Box with a fierce looking fireball smacked in the

IMG 9705 EPoX 8NPA+SLI Review

A bird eye’s view of the 8NPA+SLI

IMG 9698 EPoX 8NPA+SLI Review

The accessories – 1 floppy, 1 IDE cable, SLI bridge, I/O Plate,
Driver CD, USB Bracket, 2x SATA cables and 2x SATA Power Converter

IMG 9707 EPoX 8NPA+SLI Review

The rear I/O – PS2 ports, Parallel Port, SPDIF in, Serial Port,
4x USB, RJ45 & Sound Ports

IMG 9720 EPoX 8NPA+SLI Review

Like any other socket 939 NForce 4 based board, the 8NPA+SLI
comes with a 24pin ATX connector, complying to ATX 2.0 standards. This is perhaps
just about the only Socket 754 mainboard available in the market now that comes
with a 24pin connector.

IMG 9709 EPoX 8NPA+SLI Review

2 RAM slots are available on the 8NPA+SLI. This mainboard, due
to the the on-die Memory controller of the Socket 754 Athlon64s/Semprons, only
supports a single channel memory lane. We’ll see if the Dual Channel Memory
Controller on the Socket 939s aid in performance in this very review.

IMG 9710 EPoX 8NPA+SLI Review

High Quality Sanyo Capacitors in the VRM area. The EPoX 8NPA+
has a 6 phase power regulation system.

IMG 9711 EPoX 8NPA+SLI Review

The Explansion slots, 2x PCI-E x1, 2x PCI and 2x PCI-E x8. The
8NPA+SLI doesn’t come with switch card for enabling and disabling SLI; it simply
runs both the slots at x8 speeds, just like the Albatron K8SLI board we reviewed
earlier this year.

IMG 9713 EPoX 8NPA+SLI Review

The Vitesse VSC8201RX Gigabit PHY, used in conjunction with
the Built in Gigabit LAN.

IMG 9714 EPoX 8NPA+SLI Review

6 channel sound provided by Realtek’s ALC655 codec. This is
a pretty old sound solution from Realtek, pretty decent though if you’re not
too demanding.

IMG 9717 EPoX 8NPA+SLI Review

4 SATA-II ports and the POST Code LED. The 8NPA+SLI is perhaps
the only Socket 754 mainboard that comes with SATA-II onboard too!

IMG 9718 EPoX 8NPA+SLI Review

The 4 SATA Ports & 2 IDE ports. Like all other NForce 4
mainboards, these ports does RAID 0, 1 0+1 on up to 8 drives, SATA and IDE hard
drives alike.

IMG 9719 EPoX 8NPA+SLI Review

The nifty power on and reset mini-switches available on the
board itself. Makes troubleshooting for enthusiast a piece of cake with these