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EPoX 8NPA+SLI Review

The 8NPA+SLI Box with a fierce looking fireball smacked in the

A bird eye’s view of the 8NPA+SLI

The accessories – 1 floppy, 1 IDE cable, SLI bridge, I/O Plate,
Driver CD, USB Bracket, 2x SATA cables and 2x SATA Power Converter

The rear I/O – PS2 ports, Parallel Port, SPDIF in, Serial Port,
4x USB, RJ45 & Sound Ports

Like any other socket 939 NForce 4 based board, the 8NPA+SLI
comes with a 24pin ATX connector, complying to ATX 2.0 standards. This is perhaps
just about the only Socket 754 mainboard available in the market now that comes
with a 24pin connector.

2 RAM slots are available on the 8NPA+SLI. This mainboard, due
to the the on-die Memory controller of the Socket 754 Athlon64s/Semprons, only
supports a single channel memory lane. We’ll see if the Dual Channel Memory
Controller on the Socket 939s aid in performance in this very review.

High Quality Sanyo Capacitors in the VRM area. The EPoX 8NPA+
has a 6 phase power regulation system.

The Explansion slots, 2x PCI-E x1, 2x PCI and 2x PCI-E x8. The
8NPA+SLI doesn’t come with switch card for enabling and disabling SLI; it simply
runs both the slots at x8 speeds, just like the Albatron K8SLI board we reviewed
earlier this year.

The Vitesse VSC8201RX Gigabit PHY, used in conjunction with
the Built in Gigabit LAN.

6 channel sound provided by Realtek’s ALC655 codec. This is
a pretty old sound solution from Realtek, pretty decent though if you’re not
too demanding.

4 SATA-II ports and the POST Code LED. The 8NPA+SLI is perhaps
the only Socket 754 mainboard that comes with SATA-II onboard too!

The 4 SATA Ports & 2 IDE ports. Like all other NForce 4
mainboards, these ports does RAID 0, 1 0+1 on up to 8 drives, SATA and IDE hard
drives alike.

The nifty power on and reset mini-switches available on the
board itself. Makes troubleshooting for enthusiast a piece of cake with these

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