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Epson gets judged on Projector Runway, launch of new products at stake

In the first (and only) episode of Projector Runway, Epson faces an uphill task of convincing the panel of judges that its latest lineup of business, educational and home entertainment projectors are up to the task of meeting consumer demands. With only one chance to sway the judges into giving Epson the green light for the launch, what has Epson got planned up its sleeves? VR-Zone heads down to The Luxe Art Museum to investigate.

Thought that the contestants on Project Runway already had a hard-enough time trying to make the most out of limited materials and time for designing their next outfit? Apparently, Epson has got an even bigger challenge on its hands. The company has got a new set of projectors ready for launch in the local market, but things are not as straightforward as it seems. Apparently, its staff have to first convince the panel of judges in Projector Runway as to why their products should be eligible for sale locally.
And to make things worse, the courier in charge of delivering the new shipment of projectors had to choose this particular day to be late with his delivery. Fortunately, the judges were kind enough to close an eye to this little mishap, and with the package from Japan safely delivered to their doorstep, the Epson representatives were able to proceed with their presentation on the Runway.

Taking center stage at the event was Regional Sales Engineer Amy Kwa, who had the job of fielding all the questions posed by the judges of Projector Runway.

Kwa briefly described the features users could expect to enjoy with the company’s new line of projectors designed for business, educational and home entertainment needs.

“Today, we will be presenting the specially-designed EB-1700 series ultraportable projectors. While it may look small,  it actually offers up to 3000 lumens of both colour and white brightness. Furthermore, the EB-1700 series of projectors have features such as wireless presentation, 3-in-1 USB displays, PC-less presentation, HDMI outputs and a lamp life of up to 4000 hours,” she explained.

Kwa also announced the introduction of two new product lineups: the high-powered EB-G5000 series designed for home theatre enthusiasts and an interactive module peripheral, the ELPIU01, which allows users to transform existing projectors into digital whiteboards at little most.

“The EBG-5000 series of projectors are capable of displaying content at resolutions higher than full HD. It also features our C2Fine technoilofy, which enhances the projector’s contrast ratios for greater  image quality. , while the EIPIU01 interactive module can transform passive presentations into interactive environments,” she said.

You can view some pictures of the presentation below:

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