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Epson Launches Two New Home Theatre Projectors

Having said so much about the projectors in the previous page, we now come to the part you have been waiting for: the lowdown on the R1000 and R4000 home entertainment projectors.

Epson EH-R1000

The more budget-friendly of the two high-end projectors launched today, the Epson EH-R1000 home entertainment projector will come in any colour you want, as long as it is white. It boasts a dynamic contrast ratio of 500,000 : 1 when auto-iris is turned on, or 25,000 : 1 when the feature is turned off.

As the R1000 and its more powerful counter are designed for use by only the serious home theatre enthusiasts, both projectors conveniently lack any form of built-in speaker support. This makes sense though, as such enthusiasts will have already invested in their own custom sound system to begin with.

Last but not least, the R1000 sports a Fujinon zoom lens, which is also found in the more powerful R4000 projector,

Epson EH-R4000

Think of the R4000 home entertainment projector as the big brother of the aforementioned R1000 and you will have more or less nailed down the R4000’s capabilities. Design-wise, it sports the exact same design and dimensions as the R1000, except that the colour scheme has been reversed, ostensibly to provide a visual cue useful for differentiating what are otherwise two identical projectors.

However, what lurks under the R4000 is a different story: while the R1000 is only capable of a dynamic contrast ratio of up to 500,000 : 1, the R4000 takes the crown by delivering a jaw-dropping contrast ratio of up to 1,000,000 : 1.


Both the R1000 and R4000 home entertainment projectors will be available for sale locally by February next year. And if you have been conveniently ignoring the “high-end” words we have been slotting in throughout the article, now might be a good time to take notice of them. That is because the projectors will set you back a very pretty penny (S$6,999 and S$9,999 for the R1000 and R4000 respectively), so those interested in getting one next year might probably want to start fattening up their piggy banks now.

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