“Today, Micro Piezo has grown to become Epson’s most important core technology. That is found in our smallest 4R photo printer to our largest commercial printer. In fact, with Micro Piezo technology, Epson is the only company in the world to use Micro Piezo printer head to its entire range of inkjet printer. This year we celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Micro Piezo technology and its achievement,” says Koichi Endo, chairman of Epson South and Southeast Asia.

Minoru Usui, president of Seiko Epson corporation, and inventor of micro peizo print-head technology, talks about the company’s business strategy known as SE15, which Epson aims to create a platform for energy saving, compact and high-precision, be a strong business entity and strives to bring the services and products to all customers worldwide.

“We have Micro Piezo technology, 3LCD (technology for projectors) and QMEMS that is used for crystal oscillators. We try to be in area where we’re strong and create new business customers in this area, which is a core part of our business strategy. With focus in these technologies, we can expand the size in areas where we can get customers,” said Usui.

The regional media got a glimpse of the latest desktop A2+ printer which uses uses Epson’s most advanced Micro Piezo Thin Film Piezo (TFP) print head.