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Epson Singapore introduces new projectors for education, business and homes

Epson EB-S/X/W series


The EB-S/X/W series are Epson’s most affordable, entry-level range of projectors. There are four different models of various resolutions, brightness and features, which users can choose the most ideal projector for their needs. The new Epson EB-S, X and W series have higher brightness ratings of up to 3,000 lumens, which means you can get bright and clear images even under brightly-lit conditions. Selected models also offer advanced features such as HDMI and USB connectivity, and Horizontal Keystone Adjuster. The Horizontal Keystone Adjuster is a physical slider that lets users conveniently and quickly correct keystone distortions caused when the projector is placed at an angle to the screen.

Pricing details
Epson EB-S12 – S$699
Epson EB-X12 – S$899
Epson EB-X14 – S$999
Epson EB-W12 – S$1,099

Epson EB-1800 series

This Epson latest full-featured projector series offer high brightness of up to 4000 lumens which are suited for classrooms and offices. The projectors also come with comprehensive connectivity options; the Epson EB-1880 model can connect to a network when receiving images and audio signals, as well as for monitoring purposes. The EB-1800 series projectors also feature a Horizontal Keystone Adjuster.

Pricing details
Epson EB-1860 (XGA)  – S$1,999
Epson EB-1880 (XGA) – S$2,299
Epson EB-1850W (WXGA) – S$2,199


Epson EB-400 series

Epson’s new short throw projector range is ideal for constraint spaces and for users who want more affordable options to the ultra shortthrow models. The projectors can be fitted with an optional Epson ELPIU03 interactive module that gives the projector interactive capabilities on any hard surface it projects on, without the need for an expensive interactive whiteboard. The EB-425W and EB-435W models also come equipped with a Horizontal Keystone Adjuster, a 16W speaker and wireless connectivity options.

Pricing details
Epson EB-425W (WXGA) – S$1,649
Epson EB-435W (WXGA) – S$1,799

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