EU4 screen 4 Europa Universalis IV Review

The Trade map-mode shows the current trading nodes and traces their paths across all of Europe, giving players an idea of how their nation prospers in overseas mercantilism.

Kingly Matters: Maintaining Your Realm

Maintaining your empire isn’t an easy task, and it’s quite time-consuming. Expanding your land isn’t the only way to solidify your standing in the known world; it’s important to build up your core provinces as well. This takes time, money, and the pools of resources like Administrative, Diplomatic and Military points.

One of the central ways to solidify your realm is to add buildings to your provinces. Many times they will already have buildings attached, and they can’t be upgraded until you unlock various technology levels. Technology is directly dependent upon the three main powers that are listed above, requiring a certain value of points before a new level unlocks. Once unlocked, the new level must then be purchased with the appropriate cost.

The three main powers are also associated with a pool of Ideas, which also give bonuses and fortify your known realm quite nicely. Each idea set is unlocked by having a certain number of power, and offer a multitude of passive values that reduce various costs and can even raise profits from trade.

EU4 screen 6 Europa Universalis IV Review

The Economy tab showcases a variety of elements of your nation’s domestic income, giving players an in-depth look at the current state of taxation, trade, and other elements.

Along with increasing your ideas and technology, keeping a good eye on the national income is another way to maintain your empire. Income is generally generated through taxes and trade, and it helps to have a few ships patrolling your trade routes to protect shipments. Raising taxes can mean more ducats, however it sows disharmony throughout your provinces and may lead to revolts, and at dire times of war or economical turbulence loans can be taken out.

The Economy tab shows everything you need to know about the state of your treasury’s coffers, displaying their expenses, taxation income, inflation, and war taxes. Every month a certain value of ducats are taken distributed as maintenance costs to your fleet, army, missionaries, etc. These costs can be reduced, but like everything else, adjusting the numbers has an effect that can be detrimental if not maintained properly.