Google is now legally bound to make changes to search results after the European Commission concluded that the search giant dominated search results in Europe. Under the agreement Google will have to label search results of their own, such as Google News, and in some cases offer links for rival search engine results.

According to recent reports, Google will be making changes to how search results are displayed for European Internet users.  The search giant supposedly will not be making changes to algorithms, but they will be forced to label any result that is the company’s own property, such as Google News. 

This recent two-year inquisition by the European Commission into how Google conducts search results comes after U.S. regulators had an antitrust investigation of their own.  The U.S. inquiry did not impose any recommendations, nor did they find Google guilty of any wrongdoing. Nevertheless, Google did make subtle changes to how their advertising was displayed in search results. 

Other search engine companies will look at Europe's proposed plan and make any arguments, if any, before the changes are to take place. 

If Google abides by the agreement, they would be legally bound to the changes for up to five years with no fines.  However, if Google were found guilty of antitrust violations in the future they would be fined up to 10% of all global sales.