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EVE online player loses $6000

In a tragic turn of events, a player in EVE online has just lost over $6000 after his ship, carrying valuable in game assets, was shot down.

EVE online is a game infamous for having a real-world economic effect on it's players. The space based MMO lets players enter into a number of professions including mining and piracy, and over the years, large corporations have arisen which deal in funds that have a real world equivalent. There has been plenty of crime and dubious activity in EVE's servers, including robberies and corporate take downs. As it happens, there is in fact, quite a bit of cash floating around to make that sort of thing very profitable. Now though, it seems it is more bad luck and poor decision making that has led to a monumental financial loss for one player.

The player, who will remain anonymous, was transporting upwards of $6422 worth of virtual assets in a ship. The assets were mainly in the form of blueprints, which allow for the manufacture of a certain number of an in-game asset, and are thus very valuable. The craft that was transporting these goods was a small, weak ship, and the player reasoned that, if it encountered hostile players, it would be able to outrun them.

It was a ship similar to this one that was carrying the blueprints


As it turns out, the ship couldn't, and when it entered hostile space, it was destroyed, along with the blueprints. CCP, creators of EVE Online, confirmed the kill and the legitimacy, sealing the nail in the coffin for that money.

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