Evergreen's DN-84303 accessory can fit snugly into any pen, ball pen or pencil, effectively turning any cylindrical object of such size into an instant touch pen that can be used for capacitive screen mobile devices.

Convertible touch pens (ones that can work both as touch pens and ordinary pens) may have an additional function to what would otherwise be a technology-specific tool, but the concept could actually be simplified further. Just take a look at Evergreen's new accessory.

The DN-84303 may look like some sort of a miniaturized and stylized version of your average highlighting markers, but it is actually a plug-in instant touch "tip" device. To use it, you need to attach it over any kind of pen or writing tool as shown in the image. This means that any pencil, ball pen, or any kind of cylindrical object with the same form factor for that matter, can be instantly turned into a capacitive touch pen using the accessory.

There are two sizes that are currently available for the DN-84303. The first is the thicker one that is used for light markers and stouter pens, with dimensions at 19 x 19 x 55mm. The second is the thinner one used for standard pens and pencils, with its dimensions at 15 x 15 x 40mm. The thick versions are available in red and light blue, while the thinner ones are available in pink and light green. They come in paired sets however, so you can't have two of the same thickness in one set.

The DN-84303 is now available in Japan as of December 28, 2012. The price of one paired set is 799 yen (9 USD).

Source: MyNavi (JP)