Evergreen presents their new iPhone 5 cases that are capable of shifting its color theme when exposed to ultraviolet light.

Don't we just wish there was a way to instantaneously change phone cases at the flick of a button? Not to say that slipping out the old one for a new one is overly tedious in any way, but you get the idea. Now, this new iPhone 5 case set by Evergreen may not eliminate this "problem" directly, but it does kind of solve it in its own special way.

Given a cursory look, the DN-84532 may not stand out much to the flashier and more gimmicky iPhone case designs out there, but it does have one nifty feature: it is capable of completely shifting into a new color theme. The DN-84532 transforms to a different color when it is exposed to a certain degree of UV light. While it may not look or sound as standard as the ones soaked in water or baked in heat, at least its function can be convenient in a certain way (no worries about accidentally changing its color for example).


There are five units with different color themes available for the DN-84532, each capable of transforming into their alternate color theme. The two white/gray versions can transform (separately) into red and green, the pink one can change into blue, the green one to brown, and the blue one to purple. The source report did not mention if the effect is reversible however, though we could probably presume hope that it could.

Each color version of the DN-84532 is made of standard polycarbonate. It is available in Japan for 1,000 yen (10 USD).

Source: MyNavi (JP)