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EVGA demonstrates on-the-fly CPU affinity hotkeys

In a recent youtube video, “Shamino” demonstrated a new version of EVGA’s E-LEET software offering users the ability to hotkey between affinity settings. This will be a boon for users who have the latest multicore desktop computers running back-dated, single or dual threaded software.

EVGA has been reading deep into the minds of enthusiasts in recent days, developing overclocking optimised hardware and nifty software and gadgets to improve the often time-consuming experience. The E-LEET software for EVGA mainboards is one of the key software developments that appeals to overclockers living on the clock’s edge.
The video from Shamino78 channel shows a multithreaded benchmark (CPU Test 2 on Futuremark’s 3DMark Vantage) experiencing OPS drops as processor “cores” are hotkeyed out on-the-fly.
When sextet CPUs become mainstream, the most obvious use of such a hotkey system is for users to rapidly switch “off” cores when applications with limited thread-scaling is used, before rapidly switching back to full multicore CPU processing. In applications where speed is secondary, it could also be used to put processor cores offline to save power.
The main benefactors are of course, benchmarkers who get to optimise how many threads they wish to use in each benchmark and each test within the benchmark. I can already see MadOnion fans putting out sequenced 3DMark2001 runs with varied affinity settings on the upcoming Gulftown or Thuban to harness the power of current generation processors.

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