To us at however, the real deal wasn’t where the EVGA hardware and software engineers lived. We wanted to see where the extreme overclocker’s dungeon was packed away in this part of the world.
This corner of EVGA’s facility is where “Shamino” does extensive overclocking tests on EVGA hardware. Rat’s nest might be an understatement, but as the old-clock-folks will remember, this is the same guy who put a dent in his room door to get his cascade into Triple One below Zero.
More boards hidden in a corner.
A more recent project: NVIDIA’s GTX 480 extensively modified with proprietary VRM.
We also took some time to snap some shots around the facility. Voted Most Popular Soldering Station: Hakko 936.
Solid polymer and organic electrolyte capacitors by the bagful.
Not-so-common housekeeping chemicals.
Given the sheer popularity of Fermi boxes earlier on, we decided to round up this article with this shot of EVGA’s GeForce GTX 470 stickers. Enthusiasts might however wish to look at watercooled versions.
Like you, dear reader, we look forward to more enthusiast offerings from EVGA. This is, bringing you more insights from the inside.