We ran the games and benchmarked performance first at a very
popular setting of 1600×1200, 16x Anisotropic Filtering, Anti-Aliasing turned
off, maximum Quality:

Battlefield 2142 looks to be rather limited by the CPU at
this setting, but Quake 4 definitely feels the effect of the High shader clocks
on the Superclocked. You can see that in Quake 4 at this setting, the
Superclocked performs faster than a slightly higher-clocked Ultra by the same proportion as how the Ultra performs over a GTX. Company Of Heroes look to be the most
sensitive to Shader performance and we see that the Superclocked performs 8%
faster than the Inno3D Ultra, and 20% faster than a GTX. 20% over one of the
fastest cards just a few months previous is by no means anything ordinary! In
Oblivion, advantage over a normal Ultra is minimal at this setting.