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EVGA to Enter PSU Business, Plans Fully Modular 750W, 1KW and 1.5KW Models


EVGA used this year's CES 2012 to show its new line of power supplies. Unlike the trial from a few years back, this time the products are actually coming to market.

On CES 2012, we met with the EVGA team featuring Andrew Han, founder and CEO of the company, Joe Darwin and Jacob Freeman (not in a relation with Gordon Freeman of Half Life fame).

The company has versatile plans for the future, such as establishing themselves in the premium financial market which is actually consuming more ultra-high end gaming PC’s than the actual gamers themselves.

Thus in order to power all the GeForce cards which are serving as number crunchers, and the upcoming SR-X ultimate gaming/workstation board based on the X79 Romley platform, the company is entering the power supply business. Readers will remember that few years back, EVGA demonstrated prototype units of power supplies but the company opted against entering the market with a “mee too” product.

The lineup will be consisted out of three units, the 750W, 1KW and 1.5KW models which are fully modular. The company will also bring a certain software to the market (hence the USB header on the PSU) and “a unique cabling”.

We expect to see these parts being finalized for one of the next trade shows that being German CeBIT in March or Computex Taipei in June.

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