The only software that is EVGA's own is eLEET which in itself is a very handy application for overclocking. 


So with this program we can change the multiplier on the fly. We can also enable "Bring O/C" which will save a CPU-Z validation whenever you increase the multiplier or frequency. The issue is that CPU-Z just made it so that users need 1.61 or later to actually validate. 

You can even change vcore on the fly, but this version is limited to 1.51v max. However the UEFI can easily take your VCore much higher. 


EVGA also licensed Z77 FTW to also have Virtu MVP:



Max OC was actually exactly where it is on our other top boards, with about the same vcore if not a bit less. 


We were easily able to run full OC without issue. 


We then tested memory OC with 2 sticks of our 4 stick TridentX 2666C11 kit. The 28x multiplier was actually very easy. However 4DIMMs over at XMP didn’t work.