Overclockers Kingpin and Tin push the card to 2025 MHz.


Two of the world’s better known overclockers have set a new 3DMark world record by pushing EVGA’s GeForce GTX 780 Ti to 2025 MHz, earning a record breaking score of 8,793 points on Fire Strike Extreme..

The system Vince “”Kingpin” Lucido and Illya “Tin” Tsemenko used had a  Intel Core i7 4960X CPU overclocked to 5.6GHz, 16GB of G.Skill’s DDR3-1600 RAM running at 1199.8MHz, a 120GB G.Skill Phoenix III SSD, and Windows 7.

From the 3DMark score of 8,793 points, the super overclocked rig scored a 9,230 on graphics, 20,896 on physics and 3,954 for a combined score.

In the screencap below you can see a complete breakdown of the score: