Evleaks has revealed yet another Lumia device that Nokia is supposedly working on. It’s called the Lumia 1320, and is codenamed the Nokia Batman.

nokia-lumia-900-batman-edition (1)

Nokia is expected to unveil six new products at its upcoming Abu Dhabi event, and the Nokia Lumia 1320 will most likely be one of those devices. Nokia has a history of releasing Batman-themed devices to coincide with the release of a new Batman movie, but with the next movie to feature Batman not arriving until 2015, the Lumia 1320 probably won’t have anything to do with everyone’s beloved caped crusader.

Evleaks doesn’t mention any details other than the device’s name, so we can only speculate on what the Lumia 1320 will feature in terms of hardware. Judging by the name, it could be a handset with a screen size that sits somewhere between the Lumia 920 and Lumia 1520’s. Verizon is expected to launch the Lumia 929 with hardware similar to the Lumia 1520 but with a smaller 5-inch screen, and the Lumia 1320 could be its international variant that Nokia launches around the world.