VR-Zone takes a sneak peek at the casings Silverstone has lined up for Computex 2011. Look inside for the GD07, TJ04-E and more!

VR-Zone has managed to get a glimpse of Silverstone's latest casings. Silverstone is known for its innovative designs, and it seems that this Computex will be no exception.

Above: The Silverstone GD07 and GD08 are the latest additions to the Grandia series of HTPC casings.

Above: Another view of the Silverstone GD07

Above: The Silverstone DS321 and DC02, which appear to be file servers.

Above: The Silverstone TJ04-E, a refresh of the original TJ04 released way back in 2004.

Stay tuned for our full coverage of Computex 2011!