The ASUS ET2410 All-in-one PC was showcased at the Computex Show 2011 in Taipei last month, and today, the maker sent us the new PC which is scheduled to be launch in September. We at VR-Zone manage to get an exclusive preview of the ASUS ET2410 All-in-one PC.

The ASUS ET2410 All-in-one PC comes in a huge brown box, with the words "Inspiring", "Innovation", "Persistent" and "Perfection" written on the front and rear. Note that the unit is fairly heavy at approximately 11kg.

This is how the All-in-one PC after we took it out of the box. It features a large 23.6-inch touchscreen display, and for audio enjoyment, the ET2410 incorporates the company's proprietary Sonic Master audio technology and DTS Surround Sensation UltraPC.

The sticker label on the top right corner of the ASUS shows that the PC has SonicMaster audio technology, 23.6-inch LED touchscreen display, supports full high definition (HD) 1080p resolution, HDMI input and output and USB3.0 connectors.

The bottom right holds the display mode button, audio controls, display setting controls, hard disk activity LED and also a shiny power button.