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Exclusive: Razer Krait 1600dpi gaming mouse

The looks of the Krait reminds us of the older Razer Viper, since the Krait
is based on the smaller Viper body. However, the Krait comes in an opaque
body, unlike Viper which comes with a transparent body that’s tinted
black. Another significant difference between the Krait and the Viper is the Teflon
feet. Krait’s Teflon pads are much larger and are similar to those found on the
Copperhead and the Diamondback. With the larger Teflon pads, the
mouse feels smoother when we swiped it across our premium mouse pad.

Here’s some closer pictures of the Razer Krait:

The Razer Krait from another perspective. Like the Viper, the
body of the Krait is smaller and slimmer than the Copperhead or the Diamondback.

The sides of the Krait is stuffed with rubbery non slip rails.
When powered up, these rails spot a checkered orange glow similar to what is pictured
here. Being a simple “basic” mouse, the Krait does not feature any additional
side buttons like the Copperhead.

As per Razer’s tradition, they’ve included large, oversized
buttons in the front. These buttons are rubber coated and provides that extra
grip. The scroll wheel is beautifully lighted up in orange. However, the Krait’s scroll wheel isn’t as finely divided as the Copperheads or Diamondbacks, and does
produce a little noise when scrolled.

This is how the Krait looks like when flipped over. Large
Teflon pads are placed strategically on the Krait, with relatively large dimensions.

A close up of the 1600 DPI Infrared Optical Sensor. An orange
LED light is fired constantly from this sensor and it doesn’t power off or dim down when
the mouse is stationary. This is unlike the older Viper whose LED becomes less dim when stationary

Like all other Razer mice, the Krait comes with a golden
plated USB connector. Although Razer claims the golden plated connectors to have better conductivity, we thought it’s just a nice feature which may not actually make much of a difference to the performance.

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