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Exclusive: Razer Mantis Speed Precision Mousing Surface

We were interested to find out why and how Razer made such a large gaming
mousepad, especially when it is actually made of interwoven fibrous foam. This
mousepad is made from Fibertek material, to giave a texture quality that induces an accurate and precise
mouse swap. The Razer Mantis is actually a “non-slip” pad, since there is a
substantial amount of friction from the foam, that allows users to aim their “cross-hairs”
accurately. Here, we examined the Mantis closely:


Once you pop the top cover, the Mantis Speed slides
out slowly if you tilt the package a bit. Since this mousepad is not made
for lovers of frictionless mouse manuvering, the surface of this mousepad is not the grainy type
we see in most expensive pads.


The Fibertek material used in the Mantis is made by EverGlide.
Interestingly, EverGlide is another company that specializes in mousepads as well. It seems that EverGlide is the OEM for the Mantis, and it’ll be interesting
to see EverGlide’s own line of products.


We were slightly taken aback by the sheer size of the
mousepad. The design of the mousepad is eye-catching, with the large “triple
snake” Razer logo smacked right in the center. Note that while the Speed version has
this design, the Control version actually has a different mousepad design.



In order to portray the size of Mantis, we placed our Razer
Copperhead on top of it. While other mousepads have a problem with size when using a large wireless mouse, the Mantis has
plenty of space to spare, making it suitable with any type of mouse.


To give you a better idea on the size of the Mantis, we placed
various mousepads together. The smallest size mousepad, the
Func Surface 1030 is placed right on top, followed by Razer’s Exactmat. The
Razer Mantis is of course, placed right at the bottom.


The back of the mousepad is made up of rubber. This ensures that the Mantis posseses a good grip once it is placed on a flat
surface. The rubber back of this Mantis provides a really good grip, even when we
placed it on a smooth and polished aluminum surface.



Since the Mantis is made of a soft interwoven fabric
material, this mousepad is definitely thicker then most other mousepads. The
edge offers a cross sectional view of this fabric mousepad. The center layer
seems to be mainly made up of high quality flexible foam. This provides a bouncy feel for the mousepad.



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