In a serious gun fight, gamers usually swipe their mice in quick
successions, resulting in the lack of space. Especially users with larger
wireless mice, this problem escalates, as most other premium mousepads are still
pretty limited in space. Although using a more sensitive mouse would do away with the need for
large swipes, some
users would not be able to take the faster acceleration in sensitivity resulting in a loss of accuracy. The Razer Mantis fills up this gap nicely.

Another point to note is that since this mouse pad is made up of durable
fabric materials, the mousepad does not easily wear out like other plastic
mousepads. One of the most irritating problems associated with such finer grained
mousepads is the fact that the grains on the pads get worn off quite quickly for heavy users.
This turns an expensive mousepad into a coaster because the grains are the crucial
factor in determining the accuracy or precision of the mousepad. The Mantis
would not run into such problems since the “grains” are actually
interwoven textures.

All in all, the Mantis is yet another interesting product from Razer. Aiming
to cater to the picky habits of a gamer, the Mantis has solved some problems
previously associated with premium grade mousepads. The fine grains on it don’t thin out… and neither does your wallet!


A snapshot of the Razer Mantis and the Copperhead in use
during the test.


Overall Rating : 88 VRMarks!

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