avatar Exclusive: The Nvidia Shop Decor Competition!

Much talk has been going with regards to the “green” NVIDIA decor sported by many retailers in Sim Lim Square and Funan recently. As a collaborative effort between VR-Zone and NVIDIA, we bring you coverage of this mega scale Competition! **Look in here for the results and Prize Giving Ceremony of this competition!**

If anyone has been to either Sim Lim Square or Funan the IT mall recently, we believe you wouldn’t have missed the generous amount of NVIDIA Decorative adornments plastered throughout the retail stores. As a joint collaboration between VR-Zone and NVIDIA, shops began to "paint" both Sim Lim Square and Funan in NVIDIA green a few weeks ago. Why so?? Well for the shop deco competition of course!?

The gist of this competition is simple: The best-dressed store in terms of aesthetics and creativity wins the contest!

We are appealing to all you readers from anywhere in the globe, within Singapore or outside, to cast votes and decide which Store deserves to be crowned. Of course, at the end of this 14 day voting period we will reward you with fabulous prizes. Viewers who vote for their favorite store stand to win a new top of the line Inno3D Geforce 7800 GTX! We have 3 prizes for 3 lucky voters, with the 2nd prize being an Inno3D Geforce 7800 GT, and the 3rd being an Inno3D Geforce 6800 GT. You as a VR-Zone reader would need no introduction to these high end prizes I believe…

To learn more about voting, view our list of 20 finalists, and check out attractive NVIDIA graphics cards promotions, readers can visit our Microsite at http://nvshopdeco.vr-zone.com. Better yet, pay a visit down to SLS or Funan and see the decorations for yourself!

To let you have a better idea on the extravagant extent some of these retailers have gone, here’s a sneak preview on what to expect:


mediamart2 Exclusive: The Nvidia Shop Decor Competition!

An entry from Media Mart, located at level 6 of Sim Lim Square. Did we just step into Nvidia’s reception??


bizgram Exclusive: The Nvidia Shop Decor Competition!

The good folks at Bizgram, located at level 5 of Sim Lim Square, has put up "Nvidia" with the promotional boxes.


DIX3 Exclusive: The Nvidia Shop Decor Competition!?

This is the masterpiece from folks over at DIX, also on level 5 of Sim Lim Square. They made not only 1, but 2 of these robots for display!


Astel Exclusive: The Nvidia Shop Decor Competition!

"Geforce" is one of Nvidia’s trademark product name, and our friends over at Astel (level 4, Sim Lim Square)puts it up high in their store.

DAT2 Exclusive: The Nvidia Shop Decor Competition!

We can see for ourselves, the good folks at DAT Computers is pimping Nvidia’s flagship card, the 7800 GTX.


makefine Exclusive: The Nvidia Shop Decor Competition!

Make Fine is one of the shops there which plastered their whole store with Nvidia promotional boxes. Looks pretty impressive doesn’t it?