The third and final video in Metro: Last Light's Ranger's Survival Guide chronicles the expansive array of weaponry and inventory features in Deep Silver's upcoming sequel, giving gamers a preview of what's to come when the game is released in May.

Surviving the harsh, post-apocalyptic wasteland that is the world of the Metro universe is no easy feat, not even for a Ranger.

Not only must you wear protective gear like gas masks to filter the toxic air, but you have to defend yourself against the volatile mutants and enemy factions that roam its surface. And that means guns. A lot of guns.

Getting those guns isn't as easy as finding them; but luckily for you the world's economy is built upon firearms and ammo–precious commodities that rival food, water and shelter for survival.

Guns, gas masks and ammo: it's another bright and sunny day in Metro: Last Light.

The third and final video in Deep Silver's Ranger Survival Guide focuses on the mechanics of attaining and using firearms from merchants as well as maintaining them with crafty repairs, both of which are imperative for survival in the ruined world. Whether you're in the pitch-black tunnels of the underground where light is your best friend, or on the blasted surface where the very air is toxic, weapons are essential tools that must often be employed against many a foe.

"Exploring the unique equipment and brutal, hand-made weaponry every Ranger needs to survive the perils of the Metro, this chapter also teaches you how to use light as an ally (or even as a potential weapon) as well as detailing Metro's infamous bullet-driven economy and gun trading and customization mechanic."

Metro: Last Light, the anticipated sequel to Metro 2033, has been in development for some time now and continues the story set forth by the previous release. Players reprise their role as Artyom, the tough-as-nails Ranger who's luck seems to never run out as he battles mutants and an enemy faction who threatens to lay waste to the last bastion of humanity. 

Metro: Last Light is slated for release on May 14, 2013 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. For more information please visit the game's official website.


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