Paris’ Grand Palais made its debut at the 1890’s World Fair, and though it’s rapidly decaying, there’s a chance to see it yet, even if you can’t fly to France: On the back of a UAV drone.


The 1897 glass and steel Grand Palais in Paris is the world’s largest glass and steel building. It was built to house the 1890’s world’s fair, and its ceiling, a glass vault which is raised a whopping 50 meters above the floor, would have let sunlight stream in from the outside, illuminating the exhibition at a time that was still before electricity.

Since the 19th century builders originally put that ceiling there, nobody has been able to look down at the floor from above… until now. French production company Et Alors is making use of UAV technology to take us on a tour of the Palais, demonstrating one of the coolest features of the emerging technology: The ability to show us the world from a unique, and otherwise unreachable angle.

Et Alors specializes in UAVs and have strapped what is likely a Canon D5 camera to an eight-rotored RC drone and let it loose in the Grand Palais, which is rapidly decaying. The camera is sitting on a three-axis stabilizer, which makes the footage extremely smooth.

Check out the video below!


Via Gizmodo