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Extreme Llano A8-3870K LN2 Action: 6GHz Attempt

With Llano we found there to be no cold bugs or cold boot bugs, so we just kept the CPU temperature as low as possible. That type of overclocking with LN2 is pretty easy to do and fun as well, as the amount of ice that forms is pretty impressive. it is also safer for condensation as well, because everything will stay cold and frozen until you are done benching. Multiple cold and warm cycles can cause water to get into unsavory places. 

Inside the POT is damn cold – LN2 boiling is a great sight! 


We scrapped VRZ into the Neoprene, I am pretty sure that is going to scratch the neoprene forever, oh well. Look at how nice the screws look, it's like a winter wonder land! Make sure to use paper towels to pick up dropped pieces of snow! Notice how far away out GPU is from the cold, this was done on purpose. 


Max OC with all 4-Cores, with HyperPI stability= 5.16GHz @ 1.74V


Max OC With Single Core and SuperPI Stability = 5.265GHz @ 2.01V (We know all of our cores are at 5.265GHz, but it didn't seem to matter) 


Max OC Frequency with world record stability (CPU-Z validation) 5.940GHz


Max BLCK with the ASUS F1A75-V Pro with HyperPI Stability: 160BLCK @ 1.9v


So you might ask,  what were you talking about at 6GHz? Next Page Please. 

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