For the CPU/Motherboard side, I’m using a 3800+ Newcastle that benches at 282
x 11 -> 3100 Mhz with 1.65v and -100C cooling. Here are the details:

For bioses, I have not updated it at all and am on the shipping bios named
1003-001 Beta 007.

Update: I have updated to bios 1003-005 Beta and its working fine with similar results.

This coupled with a pair of Gskill mid-range rams.

This is the ram configuration/timings I use:

I run 282Mhz HTT with 4X LDT.


Here, I set my Vcore to 1.65v, Vdimm to 2.65v, PCIE clock to 101 Mhz, FSB to
282 Mhz.

I use PEG Link mode at “Faster”.

-50C is apparently the lowest the board will read:

Update: I’ve found that I suffer from stability problems with high FSBs when I enable the onboard components such as the Marvell LAN.