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Eyes on Asus’ new IPS and 3D displays

Finally we have Asus' new 3D gaming monitor with a 3D Vision IR transmitter built into it, the VG278H. This continues where the VG236H left off and kicks things up a notch. The VG236H was Asus first 3D Vision display, although it wasn't without faults, the major bugbear being the external IR transmitter which was rather large and chunky which made it hard to position properly. The VG278H has corrected this by having a built in IR transmitter in the top of the screen in a little module that looks almost identical to the one Asus has fitted webcameras into in the past on other monitor lines. This simple design removes the problem of positioning the IR transmitter and it clears up desk space at the same time.

As the model name suggests, the VG278H is a 27-inch monitor and as with all 3D Vision displays, it has a 120Hz panel, although in this case it's an LED backlit TN panel with 1920×1080 resolution. You also get a pair of built in 3W stereo speakers, although we weren't able to listen to them, but it's pretty safe to say that they're unlikely to blow you away. Asus has removed the component video ports found on the VG236H and replaced them with a D-sub connector, although the dual-link DVI port is still present and the HDMI port has been upgraded to support the latest HDMI 1.4a standard. The stand is height-adjustable, but it doesn't allow for the screen to be pivoted.  Once again, we didn't get any details on pricing, but it's safe to say that this will be a fairly expensive monitor, especially as it'll come bundled with a pair of shutter glasses which add further cost.

Overall we were impressed by Asus new display line-up and it looks like the company is getting more serious in the monitor business. The biggest challenge for Asus now, especially in the professional monitor market space is to prove that its displays can hold their own against the likes of Eizo, Dell, HP and NEC which is likely to be a tough challenge, despite displays lie the PA246Q costing half that of many competing models. The PA238Q and VG278H are both expected to arrive towards the end of this quarter and we'll hopefully see some additional models being announced at Computex.

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