Facebook has agreed to acquire Israel-based mobile analytics and optimization firm Onavo. With this acquisition, Facebook is also establishing a physical presence in one of the startup capitals in Asia.

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Facebook is making a big push for mobile supremacy, and will acquire Onavo, an Israel-based mobile optimization and analytics firm. Through Onavo, Facebook will get better insights into mobile usage and optimzation, and the company also gets to establish a physical presence in Tel Aviv, through Onavo’s headquarters.

Onavo’s business encompasses both consumer- and business-sides of the mobile industry. For consumers using iOS and Android platforms, Onavo provides apps and services that compress and optimize data, resulting in lower bandwidth usage, faster connections and decreased battery usage. Additionally, Onavo provides mobile analytics for businesses and developers, in order for them to optimize their apps for mobile devices and platforms.

According to Tech Crunch, one possible benefit for Facebook is that the social network will be able to get better insights into its mobile app development and its mobile services, including analysis on users. In Onavo co-founder and CEO Guy Rosen’s announcement post, he cites Facebook’s efforts in Internet.org as one of the company’s reasons behind agreeing to the acquisition deal. He says Facebook’s initiative is in line with Onavo’s own goals in enabling users to connect to the Internet more efficiently. In joining Facebook, Onavo seeks “to play a critical role in reaching one of Internet.org’s most significant goals – using data more efficiently, so that more people around the world can connect and share.”

No acquisition terms were disclosed, although Isareli newspapers Calcalist and The Marker estimate the acquisition to be within the $100 to $200 million range. With this acquisition, Onavo’s Tel Aviv headquarters will also be Facebook’s own home base in Israel. It can be noted that Facebook has previously made offers to acquire traffic and navigation startup Waze, but the latter chose to make a $ 1.3 billion deal with Google instead. Facebook has also made acquisitions of Israel-based firms, including Face.com and Snaptu, although not at the same scale.

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