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Facebook Hires ‘GeoHot’

Facebook has reportedly hired well-known hacker George Hotz, a.k.a. GeoHot. He became famous after jailbreaking the iPhone in 2008 and hacking the Playstation 3 last year, for which he was sued by Sony. But, like several hackers-turned-insiders in recent years, it seems GeoHot has also decided to go legit after all.

George Hotz, better known by his handle GeoHot, has been working for social networking giant Facebook since May. GeoHot is best known for jailbreaking the Playstation 3 last year and then being sued by Sony. In April, he entered into a settlement with Sony under which he agreed never to hack Sony's products ever again.

GeoHot distanced himself from the subsequent 'revenge' hacking of Sony by Anonymous, even saying on his blog that "hacking into someone elses server and stealing databases of user info is not cool". It seems that he decided to go legit just like several hackers in recent years. Facebook has not yet revealed his exact job scope, though one can easily guess what it entails. Facebook has been known to regurlarly hold night sessions called "hackathons" during which engineers are encouraged to write new code.

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