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Facebook Lets You Sort Your Friends And Download Your Information


Most of us are on social network sites, like Facebook, these days. While it is nice to be connected to friends and family, and share your personal thoughts, likes and dislikes, it can be disastrous if something you said are not meant to be heard by others. Facebook has recently introduced some new features including sorting friends in different groups. This means you can group your friends accordingly and share things within the specific group you desire.

Facebook has announced “groups” which lets people interact with small groups of people through grouping them according to how they want it – family, friends, colleagues – rather than everyone at once.

Instead of broadcasting to everybody, you can choose to broadcast the relevance things to members of specific groups. The feature is similar to Yahoo’s “Groups” system, whereby people of similar interests are able to join for web discussions. There are also private groups whereby members have to be invited in order to join.

Here’s a video on how the “groups” work:-

On top of that, Facebook has also announced a new product, “Download Your Information”, that allows users to download their information including wall posts, photos and status updates.

Source: Guardian, Inside Facebook


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