The largest social network in the world has made some improvements to it's quite popular Facebook Messenger app. There are some people that don't want a Facebook profile but still want to connect with friends that do.  With the new Messenger app you will be allowed to use the app with simply your name and phone number.  It is now a SMS based service among the many!

You could, however, do this before, with the same app.  The real feature change is that now they have opened up the doors to the app for everyone.  So what is the big deal about this?  There are more than one SMS-based apps around – ChatON from Samsung, WhatsApp and more but the true greatness comes from the fact that it's not locked down. 

This is a wonderful day for Facebook as Google+ tries to reel themselves in for the kill shot.  With the inability to send pictures on GTalk, Facebook now has a fighting chance against the second largest (and growing) social media.  Time will tell if this change was worth it or not but from my standpoint, this can be a real game changer.

Source: Android Police