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Facebook Pulls The Plug on Apple’s Ping

Apple may have launched its new iTunes 10 with Ping, a social-networking
feature which supposedly is compatible with Facebook, but the latter
seemingly wants to have nothing to do with Apple. And in a surprising move, the online social networking site has blocked iTunes 10’s Ping service from its servers. What could be going on between the two companies?

When Apple launched its new iTunes 10, its new Ping social network feature was touted as a Facebook for music lovers. Apparently, Ping would allow users to not only “discover what music they’re talking about, listening to and downloading”, but also allow them to search for Facebook friends on Ping, due to Apple using some of Facebook’s open APIs.

Unfortunately for Apple and iTunes users, the enthusiasm generated by Ping was shortlived, for Facebook has officially pulled the plug on Ping’s Facebook compatibility. While most of Ping’s features have not been affected by Facebook’s decision to block the protocol, its ability to find Facebook friends has been down ever since Facebook made its move last Thursday.

According to The New York Times, Facebook claimed that it had blocked Ping because the service had the potential to send huge amounts of traffic over to its site. Facebook is apparently concerened that the sudden wave of traffic being directed to its servers would result in “site stability and infrastructure problems”, and has insisted that businesses which engage in such activities “work with the company to make sure those problems can be handled smoothly”.

But there may be hope yet for Ping and Facebook to play nice: in a statement released by Facebook, the company speaks of how it has successfully worked with Apple in the past, and it believes that the same could be done again.

“We’re working with Apple to resolve this issue. We’ve worked together successfully in the past, and we look forward to doing so in the future,” the statement read.

Source: The New York Times

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