According to insiders, Facebook is about to launch another mobile app messaging system that will offer self-destructing images, chat and possibly video.

For some time now, critics of the social media giant have complained about user privacy and image usage, which notoriously gets stolen and used by others.  To calm a lot of privacy fears, Facebook is said to be releasing a recently developed application that can send text along with images that has the ability to self-destruct after a period of time.  The development of the app is said to be a direct competition to ‘Snapchat’,

Some sites are already deeming the new app ‘the ultimate in sex chat’, aka a ‘sexting’ app that will allow users to send their own x-rated images without worrying about it getting in the wrong hands.  Like the purported new Facebook chat app, many of these sexting applications have security measures enabled to protect your private conversations and images.

Since Facebook went public earlier this year, the company has been acquiring different technologies to help advance its site.  Their popularity has maintained steady growth and the site now boasts nearly 1 billion users, and just a few weeks ago the social media giant introduced chat software that does not require one to have an actual user account to download and use.

While Facebook’s latest app may be directly competing with Snapchat, the technology first came about with another lesser-known app called ‘Wickr’.  Wickr, with their motto, “Leave No Trace”, was one of the first apps that could encrypt all images, text and other information sent over your smartphone.  It also allows the sender to decide who can see the images or text and for how long.  And while Facebook has not said if Wickr is working with them on the technology, it will be interesting to see just how much alike the two services will be. If the ideas are very much alike, or even identical, it could lead to a future patent dispute, which is nothing new in today’s corporate world.